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chicken, leek, mushroom and port salut fricassee

chicken, leek, mushroom and port salut fricassee I've always wondered what fricassée meant (I had to google "wiki fricassee" to find that. Try saying it out loud, it's fun), and making this recipe meant I finally looked it up: poultry stew in gravy thickened with dairy. I've strayed a little from that definition in making this but I hope it'll do. I came to this recipe via Port Salut. It's a cheese I'd almost … Continue Reading ››

jean christophe novelli’s roast potatoes

jean christophe novelli's roast potatoes You manage to get some up-close-and-personal time with a skilled and famous chef. You're spending relaxed time in his company after watching the man cook food for you in his whites. He's poured forth detail on his family life growing up and told you of the bittersweet feeling as he approaches a milestone birthday. Jean-Christophe Novelli is being nothing less than his charming self. He's opened his heart and his kitchen to you. … Continue Reading ››

potatoes boulangere

lamb boulangereNothing teaches you more than sitting there in person watching a pro do what they do best. There's far communicated more in the tiny details of their actions while they're in the zone than they could ever write down and explain to you. I'm a hopeless golfer but the few pro tournaments I've been to have been fascinating, for observing how a professional sizes himself up, mentally rehearses and pivots their body. And I felt like this when I was up close with … Continue Reading ››