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cheesecake rescue pots

new york cheesecake saved from disaster I've made New York-style cheesecake a bunch of times; I love the dense creaminess and sheer indulgence of it all. A friend of mine said she has inexplicably never eaten it before so I invited her over to have some. I should've spotted disaster was on the horizon: I couldn't find my usual faithful recipe so guesstimated the ingredients in my head and then looked for another recipe which was probably a mistake. I dug up … Continue Reading ››

fish pie

fish pie During his TV seriesĀ In Search of Perfection Heston Blumenthal crafts his perfect fish pie. I love a good fish pie, and I'm sure this one is superb although as with many of his recipes it requires oddities, not limited to oyster juice (?), hay-smoked haddock and agar-agar powder. I don't quite fancy this level of faff, but recall that during the TV programme the potato topping he made sent him quite giddy. His face said … Continue Reading ››

marcus wareing’s chocolate cake

marcus wareing's chocolate cake The baking onslaught continues. I'm a sucker for a chocolate cake, so it was next on my hitlist. I turned to a very underappreciated but well-read book from my shelf, How to Cook the Perfect...by Marcus Wareing. It's an excellent guide for obvious recipes, but the killer app is the additional flashpoints from Marcus, pointing out where the potential problem areas are. It's great reference material. This chocolate cake … Continue Reading ››