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gravy-glazed roast potatoes

gravy glazed potatoes   You know the drill by now: if I see a roast potato recipe, I must try it. So it was with Simon Hopkinson's. They aren't roasted so much as glazed in gravy. It was difficult to find the precise recipe online so I had to fudge the details a bit. I can tell you peeling cooked potatoes with the skins on was not fun at all. You won't get crunch but you will get pockets of rich meaty flavour … Continue Reading ››

my favourite cookbooks of 2011

some of my favourite cookbooks 2011 is not quite over but I think we have seen the major releases in cookbooks this year that we should expect. If you're planning on buying the foodie in your life a recipe book, here's what I would be asking for! 2010 was an embarrassment of riches in the cookbook market; to be honest this year wasn't quite as bountiful. Nevertheless there are plenty of gems to be had. Here's a rundown of what I consider to be my … Continue Reading ››

lamb breast baked with onions

lamb breast baked with onions As previously mentioned, I love Simon Hopkinson's Good Cook series. And I love lamb breast recipes. So my only reservation is seeing Simon do this brilliant recipe is fretting that the price of lamb breast would go up. Lamb breast is dirt cheap, seriously cheap, so what we don't need is a primetime BBC programme showing how amazing lamb breast can be. And amazing it … Continue Reading ››


panzanella I've eyed up a panzanella for ages, spotting a particularly nice one in Tony & Giorgio. Yet I've not got round to it, until Simon Hopkinson chided me from the couch to give it a go. I have no idea why I've left it so long, it's exactly the sort of food I love and the food I love the Italians for. It's a Tuscan bread salad with onions, tomato and … Continue Reading ››

baked penne with bacon and porcini

baked penne with bacon and porcini I'd heard excited whispers on Twitter about a new BBC programme from Simon Hopkinson called The Good Cook. His name was only distantly familiar to me; I wasn't directly aware of him. So I sat down to watch it with little expectation. I became an instant convert. Simple, honest food that is achievable, excellent and done with love. Just about everything featured is … Continue Reading ››