best places to eat on the isle of wight

the best places to eat on the isle of wight

I’ve taken a few holidays in the Isle of Wight, located just off the south coast of England. Known for its picturesque landscapes and vibrant culinary scene, the Isle of Wight is also home to some great restaurants, pubs, and places to eat.

From quaint seaside eateries serving freshly caught seafood to elegant fine-dining establishments, the Isle of Wight has a little of everything.

The Isle of Wight boasts an array of exceptional dining options among its restaurants and pubs. From quirky cafes serving artisanal coffees and freshly baked pastries to trendy food markets showcasing the island’s local produce, there is something for everyone. Here’s a list of some not-so hidden gems and celebrated establishments that make it a must-visit destination, with reviews and recommendations of the best restaurants and pubs in the Isle of Wight.

This is a far from comprehensive guide to all the places to eat on the Isle of Wight – I still want to try the Terrace at Ventnor, and the Royal Hotel to name a couple, but here’s some of the best places I found.

The Cow

I’ve written about The Cow before – easily one of the best burgers I’ve ever eaten, and I’ve had a few! with really exceptional beef, excellent service and a relaxing atmosphere. Located in Tapnell Farm you can enjoy a fun family day out on the farm, take on the splash park and throw axes before dinner.

An excellent venue that runs with it’s theme: a tall barn of a place, with kooky decor and fun touches everywhere that let you know you’re not in a generic diner. The menu is not exhaustive but the burgers are the stars of the show. A big thumbs up for the non-alcoholic ‘gin’ type cocktails which are delicious and difficult to distinguish from the boozy versions. Friendly staff too and very fast service.

Booking recommended to avoid disappointment. I’m extremely glad this place is a ferry trip away otherwise this place would cost me a fortune!

The Cow, Yarmouth

Caffe Isola

An absolutely outstanding cafe. Terrific toasted brunch dishes, fruity and comforting porridge and excellent drinks. But the coffee is where its at; roasted on premises and utterly delicious. The roaster was tending beans upstairs so I bothered him for a bit geeking out over coffee and he  gave me some great recommendations. Combine all this with a beautiful building and you have a superb venue.

caffe isola flat white

The best part is I live nowhere near it, as I would be penniless from being here all the time.

Caffe Isola, Newport


A proper definition of ‘hidden gem’. Tucked away from the high Street this rustic little place offers brilliant pizzas and pastas. I had a fab pizza just crisp and bubbly, with delicious toppings. Service was friendly & helpful and laid back. Carbonara pasta is aloso recommended. Delicious cocktails too!

toto carbonara

Toto, Newport

Snacks and Ladders

As a family we love board games and have a monster collection. So browsing someone else’s is a treat! I cannot say enough good things about this inclusive fun space for everyone. Table fees are very fair, decreasing in price the longer you stay.

Help yourself to the very wide selection of games, from family favourites to more hardcore offers. Staff happy to help choose too. And the food is much better than expected – they could get away with frozen junk but instead they choose to use local produce and cooked fresh to order. We were quite blown away by their pizzas which are hand stretched and not from Iceland. Home baked cakes if you fancy a treat too. Brilliant local business.

snacks and ladders pizza

Booking a table via their website is recommended.

Snacks and Ladders, Newport

The Blacksmiths

If I eat a meal better than this this year I am being spoiled. I booked several weeks in advance as many locals were telling me it was great and I was not disappointed. I had a sea bass dish with panzanella which was simply perfect; crisp and tasty, fresh and vibrant. (I had a go at recreating it on a livestream!) We also had sausage and mash, and beef brisket. Both were excellent. Desserts were on another level again with all of us gushing over the plates with a special mention for their pavlova. I was genuinely sad at the end of the meal that it was over. I wanted to eat it all over again. I’m not joking when I told our server that I felt they’d undercharged us for the meal, it was such good quality.

The sea bass dish as they serve it at the Blacksmiths pub

It’s also in a stunning location, set high and fairly remote on the island, with brilliant views wherever you look.

A large kids play area outside provides a diversion for fidgets. You’re also welcome to sit outside and order via their app for table service.

The only tiny downside is it is difficult to get a table without reservation, and the car park is a little treacherous to navigate, but I’m looking for flaws.

I regret I only have five stars to give this restaurant. If you live nearby I am deeply envious of you.

The Blacksmiths, Newport

Here’s a list of all these places on Google Maps.

A quick summary on Instagram:

Important note: None of this is sponsored – just relaying a few great trips I had on the Diamond Isle. What are your favourite Isle of Wight restaurants? Let me know in the comments!

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