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    I’ve written about the Sage / Breville Smart Scoop ice cream machine before, but I thought it was worth a thorough video review. You may […]

  • drinkmate omnifizz review

    When the weather warms up, I get really into sparkling water. I also find that supermarkets seem to run out of it really quickly and […]

  • cookbook review: Journey to Flavour by Dev Mukherji

    Filled with vibrant colours, original pairings and delicious photography, Dev’s recipes will inspire you to try something a little different for dinner tonight.

  • my favourite cookbooks of 2021

    2021 became a year of comfort food. With more time spent indoors and more time connecting to those people who really matter, the food you […]

  • one tray roast chicken dinner

    I love a roast dinner but I don’t love the mess you have to create to make it. With this one tray roast chicken dinner […]

  • sage a bit more 4 slice toaster review

    Sage Appliances (also known as Breville) offer a range of automatic and manual toasters. This is a review of the Sage ‘A Bit More’ 4 […]

  • is HelloFresh worth using?

    HelloFresh set me a challenge: recreate one of their recipes. HelloFresh have a wide range of recipes on their website, so I tried HelloFresh’s Bombay-style […]

  • sage barista express review

    The Sage Barista Express is an all-in-one bean-to-cup espresso machine. But is it any good?