I never set out to write this. I never wanted to bang on about savouriness, and flavour. I never intended to delay having dinner just to obsess over getting a photo for the latest meal. I never meant to reel off oven temperatures.

But my beleaguered colleague, tiring of hearing me blather on about my latest kitchen experiment, implored me to blog about it (I suspect so he didn’t have to hear me go on about food every day). So I started it.

And I just kept on doing it.

I cook pretty much every night. You know that pile of hand-written scribbles you have tucked near your cookbooks? Well this blog replaces those for me.

I figured it was nice to have a record somewhere of stuff I’ve cooked and food I’ve eaten. It’s also a handy “what should I eat tonight?” guide – a quick flick through posts and I get inspired. It also keeps stuff somewhere that I can refer back to, without having to resort to scraps of torn notepaper and scribbles in margins. It’s not a “here’s my wonderful dinner party!!!” but as near as possible a log of what I’ve cooked. Kind of a kitchen diary.

If you’re interested in food and cooking like me, or just plain eating, then please comment! If you want to know more about something I’ve made, just yell. Equally, if you’ve got a better idea or I’m missing the magic ingredient, shout right back.

“Our only duty, after cooking, is to record and publish, or if not we will suffer such regrets.”
– Antonin Carême


From time to time I am lucky enough to get invited to demonstrations, product launches or just test stuff out. I guaran-damn-tee I’ll be searingly honest about it. If I’m praising a product or brand by name, it’s not because I’ve been paid to, it’s because I want to and I believe in it.

If it’s a sponsored post, I’ll say so. I don’t offer dofollow links for sponsored posts, in line with Google guidelines.

Furthermore, I often link to Amazon from this site. Sometimes it’s a little text link, sometimes it’s a larger banner. If you make a purchase after clicking through to these links I get a tiny kickback. You pay the same price, don’t worry about that. You just help me cover the rent on this site.


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