sage smart scoop ice cream machine review

I’ve written about the Sage / Breville Smart Scoop ice cream machine before, but I thought it was worth a thorough video review.

You may be considering purchasing an ice cream machine and there are generally two types: ones that have a container you prefreeze and ones like this where it can freeze itself.

This ice cream machine has an internal compressor that means it’s like a mini freezer inside. Practically this means it can make ice cream from start to finish in just under an hour. You don’t have a tub you put in the freezer and the whole thing is self-contained. The Smart Scoop can make ice cream, granitas, sorbets, frozen yogurts… all manner of frozen desserts.

It’s the same brushed steel as you’ll find in other things in the Sage range. There are no  other options it just comes in this colour.

The control panel is simple, just a few buttons and a dial to set the firmness of the mix you’re creating essentially. The dial is a timer how long does this machine churn for.

What’s good

The fact that you don’t have a spare bucket or pail to put in the freezer for a couple of hours beforehand is great meaning when you’re ready to make ice cream it’s ready to make ice cream – just push a button and go. In a pinch I’ve used store-bought custard (good stuff from the from the chilled department) and put that straight into the machine with pretty good results but the best results always come out
when you make your own custard and you customize the flavour exactly how you want it.

What’s not so good

the flip side of being a self-condensing machine is twofold. It’s noisy and makes a hell of a racket so much so I generally make it live in the garage where it does its work so I don’t have to hear it. Furthermore it’s also pretty heavy because it’s got a whole freezer inside it. It also means it has quite a large footprint. It’s also around £400 and only you can decide if that’s worth it for the amount of ice cream you’re going to make. Trust me it’s one of the best machines on the market for doing it.

Watch the video review below. This also includes a recipe for butterscotch ice cream!

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