honey-glazed christmas ham

honey-glazed christmas ham I absolutely adore a ham or gammon at Christmas. My Mum always had one hanging around the house from Christmas Eve onwards, and it's something I still do every year. I favour twice-cooking, a long boiling followed by a fierce blast in the oven with a sticky sauce dribbled over the top. I spotted Gordon Ramsay's recipe from this year's and knew I had to give it a try. One of the key things that makes or breaks a dish like this … Continue Reading ››

heston blumenthal’s hidden orange christmas pudding

heston blumenthal's hidden orange christmas pudding In my rush to eat this legendary item, I took the worst picture possible. Sorry about that. The run-up to Christmas 2010 will be remembered for one thing: the craze to eat Heston's hidden orange pud. The ads appeared on TV, and suddenly stocks were low. Then Waitrose ran out completely, and demand reached fever-pitch. Reports came in that they were selling for over £1,000 and they were … Continue Reading ››

mushroom risotto

mushroom risotto If you hate mushrooms, look away now. This is a celebration of the mushroom in probably my favourite form: a risotto. The layering of flavours here results in an earthy, savoury dish of rice that enriches the heart and tastes of pure luxury. The key to a creamy, tasty risotto is to give that rice a good bashing. Stir aggressively, so that the starch comes away from the surface. This forms the creamy consistency of a perfect risotto. That, and the beating in of butter … Continue Reading ››

heston blumenthal’s perfect spaghetti bolognese

heston blumenthal's spaghetti bolognese I happened to read FrontLineChef's Ultimate Spag Bol recipe one morning on Twitter and almost fell over: it sounds utterly superb. I remembered I hadn't yet tried Heston Blumenthal's perfect spaghetti bolognese. Bolognese has a strange and maligned history in this country. It's one of those quirky dishes that are echoes of the home country, like chicken tikka masala, or pizza. I've had many … Continue Reading ››