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fry up in a cup easy breakfast

fry up in a cup

I do love a full English, but obviously isn't something you can indulge in too often, so here's another way to get your bacon-mushroom-toast-egg fix. You just need some little ramekins, darioles or if you're not middle-class, teacups. I call it a fry-up-in-a-cup! fry up in a cup - bacon, egg, mushroom, bread The mushrooms and bacon require a tiny bit of pre-cooking to get them started, but after that you stuff everything into a cup and bake it. Bread at the bottom forms a little base, and bacon creates … Continue Reading ››

parmesan chicken with potato and sprout gratin

crispy parmesan chicken with sprout gratin Yes! It's sprout season again. Please don't just boil them and leave them alone, there's so much more to the little farty ball. Like here, a Brussels Sprout gratin baked with potatoes and cream for a great side dish. I was chuffed with how everything turned out save for one flaw. To quote Michel Roux Jr "where's the sauce?!" It needed a meaty gravy just to lend a little more moisture. But beyond that, it was dead good. A sprout is for Winter, … Continue Reading ››

bbt tortilla

bacon broccoli tomato tortilla What a great year it's been for tomatoes. The plants in my garden have been raving with fruit, and they've been bursting with sweetness. A really bumper crop. Most of them have ended up in pasta sauce and pizza topping but these ones were deserving of a little more. And so I happened across a recipe for a "BLT tortilla" in the SORTED cookbook but didn't fancy rocket in mine, so some frozen broccoli jumped … Continue Reading ››

garlic and bacon potato gratin

image We get through buckets of mayonnaise in this house. I kinda like it - particularly with store-bought pizza for reasons I don't understand - but the rest of the family demolish it. If my son was asked the legendary question: "you're handed a sausage sandwich. Will it be red sauce, brown sauce, or no sauce at all?" he'd reply mayonnaise in a heartbeat. So to receive some samples from Hellman's of their flavoured mayonnaises was set upon by … Continue Reading ››

full english breakfast cookies

full english breakfast bacon cookies I love the Great British Menu. There's plenty wrong with it - enforced friction between the chefs, pointless "out and about" sections, and we all know it should be 1 x 1 hour show a week but the chance to see the top tier of British chefs cooking their guts out is always fascinating. This year's show has a Comic Relief theme. One chef was new to my radar this year, Mary-Ellen McTague. … Continue Reading ››