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my favourite cookbooks of 2012

my cookbook shelf, december 2012 I look forward to writing this post every year; a chance to reflect on the year's cookbook shelves. Polpo gave us a travelogue round Venice's cicchetti bars, Madhur Jaffrey returned to explore the UK's curry scene, and LEON released their fourth impressive volume. As baking fever truly took hold, with Jubilees and the like to celebrate, the market groaned with cupcake and muffin recipe manuals designed to capture Great British Bake-Off mania. It sometimes felt as though this was the only part … Continue Reading ››

competition – win jamie oliver’s 15 minute meals book [closed]

This competition is now closed. Many thanks for all your entries. So many ideas in there, both inspired and crazy! The winner has been notified by email.

competition win jamie oliver's 15 minute meals cookbook

You can't move far around this blog without bumping into a Jamie Oliver recipe. It's fair to say I'm fan, having decked out my kitchen with branded crockery, bakeware, utensils and knives. I even owned … Continue Reading ››

my favourite cookbooks of 2011

some of my favourite cookbooks 2011 is not quite over but I think we have seen the major releases in cookbooks this year that we should expect. If you're planning on buying the foodie in your life a recipe book, here's what I would be asking for! 2010 was an embarrassment of riches in the cookbook market; to be honest this year wasn't quite as bountiful. Nevertheless there are plenty of gems to be had. Here's a rundown of what I consider to be my … Continue Reading ››

competition – win a heston blumenthal measuring jug [closed]

This competition is now closed. Many thanks for all your entries, there were some really fantastic ideas! The winners have been notified by email.
heston blumenthal digital measuring jug
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Like most people who love being in the kitchen, I enjoy a good gadget. But better than that is a good gadget you use more than once. There's the key. And this digital measuring jug by those clever folks at Salter is the business. Heston's seal of … Continue Reading ››

my favourite cookbooks of 2010

v If you're anything like me, over time you accumulate cookbooks and through a process of natural selection some float to the top and get read often. Some gather dust at the back, never fulfilling their promise. A select few make it to the hallowed ground of the recipe book stand, where they deliver gold each and every time. I feel like 2010 was a great year for cookbooks; almost all the big hitters pumped out a new book, some of them two! Self-publishing … Continue Reading ››