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salted caramel ham

salted caramel ham Yes, yes, salted caramel is uber-ubiquitous. But I love a sweet glaze on my ham, such as honey or maple syrup, so why not salted caramel? It's not a fully developed caramel, more a syrup. But the flavours are there, and you get a salty-sweet kick with every bite. Make sure you hold back some glaze and baste the freshly-carved slices. After five minutes cooling it settles into a sticky sauce. If … Continue Reading ››

heston blumenthal’s pea and ham soup

heston blumenthal's pea and ham soup "You don't like small food, do you?" That's something someone said about my eating habits a few years back. It's not completely accurate but did draw together a few of my food hates: sweetcorn, baked beans and peas. Baked beans remain the work of the devil, I'm still not really sold on sweetcorn (why does it always end up in tuna?) but over the years I have grown to accept peas. And if … Continue Reading ››

honey-glazed christmas ham

honey-glazed christmas ham I absolutely adore a ham or gammon at Christmas. My Mum always had one hanging around the house from Christmas Eve onwards, and it's something I still do every year. I favour twice-cooking, a long boiling followed by a fierce blast in the oven with a sticky sauce dribbled over the top. I spotted Gordon Ramsay's recipe from this year's and knew I had to give it a try. One of the key things that makes or breaks a dish like this … Continue Reading ››

maple baked gammon with roasted red onions

maple roast gammon I love a gammon joint, and while I let the glaze get a bit spotty it was still dead tasty. I won't go into details as they are all in the link below, but the real tasty treat was the roasted onions: roasted in foil until soft, then split and fried on the cut side for a lovely crisp dimension. The gammon glaze is a standby of mine: maple syrup, cider and wholegrain mustard - an excellent combination with any pork … Continue Reading ››

sweet-glazed mustard gammon

While trying out Jamie Oliver's method for roast potatoes, I had to have something to serve them with. At this time of year, gammon is both plentiful and reasonably priced so it seemed like an obvious choice. I favour the twice-cooking method; the boiling to do the actual cooking, then baking a glaze on the joint. This was a fairly obvious one of mustard and sugar, which ticks all the right boxes in ham for … Continue Reading ››