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When you have a bunch of people to thank for a generous baby gift, what’s better than a tray of pink-iced cupcakes?! I knew Hummingbird to be the queen of cupcakes, so I dug around and found this recipe, which is basically sugar and butter and little else. Guess what – they taste amazing!

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far breton

I’ve been absorbed by the always-absurd Masterchef: The Professionals. Current professional chefs take part in elimination challenges under the bellow of Gregg Wallace and the bird-like gaze of Michel Roux Jr. It really only needs the super-intelligent yet engaging Michel, Gregg only serves to bark out a repeat of what the other guy just said. One of the challenges for […]

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sponge cake

Somehow, despite a relatively agnostic upbringing, I have a lot of Jewish recipes as standbys in my collection. I don’t live in a particularly Jewish area, nor know any particularly active Jews. Maybe it’s the cunning economy ingredients that agree with me, using what there is to make outstanding hearty dishes. There’s so much love poured into them, which I […]

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