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very berry jam

I was sent a parcel of loveliness from the wonderful chaps over at Vineyard Fine Foods. They’re specialists in jams, pickles and chutneys operating out of Clacton, so how can I not support a local business? That said, this blog is written with full impartiality – if the product wasn’t any good, I would say so. I decide to slap some […]

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It was my birthday today, and as tradition-that-no-one-knows-why-it’s-this-way-round, I got the cakes in. Pshaw to buying them though, it’s baking for me. And scones are easy crowd-pleasers. For me the scone (scowwwwn? skon?) has to be puffy, airy and crumbly. The key to it is to trap as much air as possible in the dough and plenty of butter to […]

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