gold nuggets: august 2012 round-up

Picking through the bones of August 2012’s RSS feeds I’m left with these tasty morsels as my favourite food posts of the month. Enjoy!

All images are taken from the respective blogs, and copyright is theirs.

I’m not well-versed in Chinese cookery, beyond what Ken Hom and my local Chinese takeaway tell me. So this discussion at EatLoveNoodles over whether Gok Wan was ‘right’ to insist on fish sauce with everything was eye-opening for me.

Quick tip for those who want to get in these monthly roundups: make an Italian-American inspired dish. This sausage lasagna from MegGoesNomNom is exactly the kind of dinner that tickles my palate. Rich tomato sauce, a fennel-laced sausage… hold me back from the kitchen!

I had a Russian encounter earlier this month. So I was primed for this toast to Georgian cuisine and boy does that food look good. Where’s my nearest Georgian restaurant?

Now Indian food is a cuisine I know a lot about. And the lamb/mutton & potato curry is exactly the sort of curry I love; rich and tasty with plenty of gravy ready for soaking up with a soft naan.

Cold sesame noodles sounds like the perfect thing for a lunchbox. I go out of my skull with endless lunchtime sandwiches so any substitute for ham ‘n’ pickle gets my attention. I will be trying this very soon!

Absconded brother of Essex EssexEating has been experiencing great success with his Basement supperclub. His story of running a restaurant for a few days was utterly fascinating for all those armchair head chefs like me. It sounded tiring, hellacious, dangerous… and a whole heap of fun. Good on yer Dan.

A recent addition to my news reader, Bangers & Mash posted this delightful Barcelona tapas meal. I love a meal where you can really graze and it feels so generous to get a dozen dishes on one table 🙂

I’ve got a real thing for bread at the moment, so I was a complete sucker for this no-knead bread. Some really interesting ingredients make this bread one to try.

What brilliant blog posts have you spotted this month?


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