gold nuggets: july 2012 round up

It’s occurred to me I devour a whole lot of blogs over the month, bookmarking and enjoying photos, recipes and reviews from around the food blogging world. Here’s a list of some of my favourites from July 2012.

Tomato Chutney Rolls at FussFreeFlavours makes me salivate. I’ve hit a real groove with my bread-baking in July so this post is very timely. Using some lovely preserved tomatoes in a bread brings that sweetness to the fore. It also pulls me full circle to one of those things I started blogging for – to remember old recipes that worked so I can make them again.

I’d like to think that with all the cooking I do I have a fairly good palate. So when a recipe comes along where you read it and just can’t imagine how it tastes, it always grabs my attention. Dom’s roast chicken with figs, lavender and vin santo is just such a thing. How do the figs and lavender mesh with the savoury chicken flavours? I’ve no idea, but I want to find out.

Though not even slightly a Londoner I am completely fascinated by the textured history of our capital city. Kavey’s whistle-stop tour of one of it’s most iconic stations, St Pancras told a fascinating story of company rivalry and a narrow escape for the building spearheaded by Sir John Betjeman. Oh, and there’s a pretty spiffing pub attached, too.

A blog I’ve been following for years is Shizuoka Gourmet; helmed by the charming Robert Gilles Martineau he tells the story as a Frenchman in Japan. Typical of his posts they are packed with photos and a love of life. BBQ Gastronomy in Shizuoka City has his usual regular diary of food events and explorations. I love that all the family are involved with these BBQ events. Grilled chicken neck anyone?

Summer 2012 is the time to feel patriotic in the UK, so this Union Flag-esque Red Velvet Cake with Cream Cheese Frosting from Feeding Boys is extremely appropriate. In fact I’m fairly sure I’m going to bake it myself for a cake-off in the office in August!

All images are taken from their blogs and copyright is theirs.

Did I miss something amazing? Let me know in the comments!


  • Oh what a lovely, lovely round up! I feel honoured to be included, so glad you liked the post. There’s a little history on the pub’s website, but then, being a history geek, I searched the internet for more information, and wove what interested me most together into a history essay to introduce the pub review with!
    I keep thinking about doing a similar round up of favourite posts, but figure with BSFIC and the normal posts, I don’t think I would have time to keep it up!

    • You’re very welcome Kavey! I really enjoyed your post, it was something a little different. Given the amount of food blogs I have in my Reader I thought it was about time I shared some of my favourite finds and spread the love.

  • how lovely, I feel very honoured to be included in your round-up although looking at that chicken again I must admit it does look bloody amazing!

  • Have a look at perfect goose fat roasties also herb and chilli dressed roast potatoes

  • Cheers Gary!
    A compliment is always welcome, even from Proud Albion! LOL
    Mind you, having spent so many years in England before moving to right under Mount Fuji, I’m a bit confused as where my loyalties stand these days!LOL
    Bien amicalement,

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