This moussaka┬áposited an excellent time-saver: red pesto as the main gravy indredient. You can’t hold back with moussaka; as a permutation of lasagne as all nations are wont to have, bold flavours work best here. This version oozed lambiness, retaining a lot of that savoury juice that characterizes rich lamb dishes.

The red pesto saved a lot of bother by forming the basis of the sauce, both gutsy and part tomatoey. Persuaded to try again I’d some tomato puree to oomph up that side. In a semi-traditional nod this recipe had a custardy topping, one which I’ve never been oversold on. And this is no exception. A clagginess underscores any flavour advantage you might gain. I’d rather head back to roux territory for the ultimate aubergine topping. And what a star aubergine is here. Meaty, moist and exuding a mediterranean flavour, and somehow always so filling.
Served with leftover courgettes from yesterday, this was a very satisfying meal.

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