spanish goulash

I was extremely pleased with this. I knew a cold evening was coming up and that we had guests round, so I wanted something big, hearty and packed with warming flavours. I knew I had to look to tomatoey-based stews to heat the cockles. I also really wanted something paprika-y. Here's what I came up with.

I griddled some thickly-sliced chorizo first, to get those attractive black bar-marks, as well as to get an interesting charred flavour on them. Then in a big-ass Creuset pan I fried a red and white onion, and a fair … Continue Reading ››


Chilli (chilli con carne) is a sentimental dish for me; it's the first thing I properly made. Now it's Liam's favourite, so it's often on the menu. I also love the ways you can serve it: flour tortillas, corn tortillas, or with plain rice. In this case we served it with tacos and fried onions & peppers.

It's very simple, and a great dish for learning a lot of fundamentals that you can then transplant into other dishes. It's also adaptable, you can turn it into bolognese, … Continue Reading ››