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pork primavera

Sometimes, dinner gets later and later. It was just one of those evenings of putting children to bed, getting haircuts and other chores. I didn’t get started on this until 8.30pm, but we were eating by 8.45pm. You gotta love dinners like this, but it all starts from the storecupboard. If the basics aren’t there, you’re on to a loser. […]

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bbq pork wraps

I’m a massive convert to FarmFoods. I’ve been packing my freezer once a month with a whole bunch of things, like burger buns, ice cream, frozen mince and other bits and bobs. I’m also a big fan of their dried noodles and wraps. They’re really helping to pad out my weekly shop with backbone ingredients that are always on hand. […]

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green pepper raita

When I started food blogging, I didn’t really appreciate the wide universe of other food bloggers out there. I was writing for myself and completely underestimated how many other people were doing the same thing. Eventually, via Twitter and other foodie feeds, I found lots of like-minded obssessives. One of these blogs was Stone Soup; a blog devoted to pared-back […]

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