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black forest trifle

black forest trifle When making this, I had to search my blog in case I'd made something like this before. I have a severe weakness for 'black forest'-flavoured things and I appear to have 4 separate choc-cherry desserts in my collection! This one has been back and forth with In Search of Heston and me, we've noticed how obsessed Heston Blumenthal is with both Black Forest things. and trifle. There was one made for Waitrose but to … Continue Reading ››

black forest layer cake

black forest layer cake If there's a dessert I'm guaranteed to go giddy for, it's Black Forest Gateau. The combination of cherry, chocolate and cream is just perfect. And so if I see an opportunity to reinvent it, I'm there. I wanted to reuse one of my favourite recipes of this year was Russian honey cake. It's such an enjoyable technique I knew it had legs. And this black forest version proves it: the 'cake' is quite biscuity, but if you can stand to leave it … Continue Reading ››

30 minute chicken pie, smashed carrots and mascarpone cherries

30 minute chicken pie with smashed carrots At the risk of sounding like a raging sycophant, I haven't yet come across a Jamie 30 Minute Meal that isn't a) extremely doable in the time, and b) darn tasty to boot. But they just are! This chicken pie is no exception. A rich and tasty pie that ticks all the "chicken pie please" boxes. There's supposed to be peas & lettuce simmered in stock … Continue Reading ››