competition – win gordon ramsay cookbooks [closed]

This giveaway is now closed. Feel free to keep leaving comments though!

I have too many cookbooks. This is probably true of quite a few of you if you’re mildly food-obsessed like me. So I had to be quite tough with a cookbook reorganisation lately. Quite a few went to the lucky charity shops. Some others I thought to sell on. There’s Gordon Ramsay’s Fast Food, which features one of my favourite things to cook in the whole wide world. There’s Gordon Ramsay’s Pub Food, packed with lovely British recipes. And Rose Prince’s The New English Kitchen which gives you kitchen classics for nearly everything. They’re all in fine condition but I have exhausted their usefulness and can’t see me needing them again. But you look at the second-hand market for big-name cookbooks but it’s a complete waste of time – I’m competing with 1p copies. One penny. What is the point?!

And these books are too good to get rid of for a penny. So I thought I’d take that idea and shove it through a logic hole until it falls out the other end and get rid of them for nothing. I’m going to exchange them for a comment you make. Because a comment from another real person is worth more than a penny to me. The acknowledgement that these words aren’t just tumbling into anonymous Internet noise, but that some people’s RSS feeds and Google searches find these witterings and leave their own ideas, photos and suggestions is worth a lot more.

Here’s the deal. I’m on 959 comments all-time for this blog. Let’s pick a round number, say, I don’t know, 1,000 comments. When I hit that number I’ll give one of these books to someone who commented in between 959 – 1,000 at random. Don’t comment on this – this is a pretty pointless post, history will reveal. But have a trawl through the archives. Tell me about one of these recipes you’ve cooked. Or about what I’m doing terribly wrong. Or that I need to try making XYZ. Whatever. Just leave me something interesting to read. You never know, you might get a free book out of it.

Tedious obligatory bit: these are freebies after all, so I’m only going to send these on to a UK address.