garlic bread

Another in the continuing saga of a-bread-a-week: this week, king of doughy accompaniments, much undersold as sweaty baguettes, garlic bread.

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My typical BBQ standby is to slice up a french stick, dip it in parsley and garlicky-infused oil and stick it on the bars of a searing-hot grill until blackened. Chomp and watch oil dribble down your chin.
However I wanted to start right at the beginning today, dough first. A little different to regular batter, a fair gloop of olive oil in the mix, and some dried oregano. As Saturday was a very sunny day the conservatory gave the yeast a real party; the dough had risen enormously! Whilst the second proving went on I gently fried some minced garlic in a freakish amount of olive oil. Not so it coloured, just so it was allowed to sweat aand develop a bit of flavour. I slashed the bread a little to allow the garlic juices to seep in between the bread, then drizzled the oil all over, plus a sprinkle of sea salt. 20 mins in the oven later, I had some pretty bloody good garlic bread. It ended up as a kind of fougasse. It was a real success, it’s coming out again.

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