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spaghetti with truffles

spaghetti with truffles Some good friends gave me some Carluccio's black truffles as a gift; the least I could do was serve it back to them. I thought this recipe would be one that Carluccio himself would be pleased with as it has minimal ingredients and ready in under 10 minutes. Mof-mof indeed.

Spaghetti with truffles (serves 4):

250g spaghetti (fancy bronze-die cut stuff if you can get it)

30g butter

30g parmesan, grated

1 black truffle

  1. Cook the spaghetti … Continue Reading ››

open raviolo with mushrooms


I've revived an old habit of mine: devouring biographies. My local library has seen a lot of me lately, as I've read stories from all walks of life, Ken Livingstone to Steve-o, Chris Evans to Keith Floyd. One that's stayed with me is Antonio Carluccio - A Recipe for Life. I picked it up as a fan of his food and TV programmes. I wasn't prepared for the vast scope of his life, from growing up the station … Continue Reading ››

spaghetti bolognese

spaghetti bolognese I've two versions of a spaghetti bolognese; a workaday version or this, my I've-got-a-whole-day-to-spare version. It's heartily lifted from Antonio Carluccio who claims it's the way they do it in Bologna. It's simple to the point of absurd and a very short ingredient list. I start by browning mince; an equal combo of pork and beef. The pork lends wonderful fat to the dish, and the beef gutsy red meat. Once it's browned I remove it and fry a chopped onion until translucent. Then the … Continue Reading ››