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french baguette

Another week, another adventure in breadery. This week, the humble french stick. Made with the usual bread ingredients, but there was a careful folding process: after rising it was rolled flat then folded back in itself and left to rise a little longer. I repeated this three times and it seems the net result is a softer bread, a lighter […]

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hot cross buns

There was no breakfast for Sunday 🙁 So I refused to go to the shop and make something instead. I had no idea where to start – I remember Paul Hollywood making some on the superb Good Food Live years ago, and that’s as far as I went. I decided to start at a malt loaf recipe and work outwards […]

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garlic bread

Another in the continuing saga of a-bread-a-week: this week, king of doughy accompaniments, much undersold as sweaty baguettes, garlic bread. Polite Notice: please leave Peter Kay-related gags in 2003, many thanks. My typical BBQ standby is to slice up a french stick, dip it in parsley and garlicky-infused oil and stick it on the bars of a searing-hot grill until […]

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Is there anything more honest, rewarding and fulfilling as baking your own bread? It almost seems like alchemy – magic even – to go through the whole process. And it’s so sad that we don’t either subscribe to the French model (new bread every day) or that making your own seems like such an unusual prospect. It’s so not difficult, […]

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