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tikka paste

After garam masala, the next logical step is to make some tikka paste as the basis for a curry. Into a blender went: my garam masala, a smal piece of ginger, two garlic cloves, a squeeze of tomato puree, a de-seeded green chilli, paprika, a touch of cayenne, touch of cumin, fresh coriander, dessicated coconut, ground almonds, smoked sea salt, […]

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Pesto epitomises my favourite foods: it simultaneously celebrates the individual ingredients and yet comes together to create an exciting new taste. If that wasn’t good enough, the sauce is ready before the pasta’s boiled. I don’t know who first had the idea for this, but they are worth applauding. It’s not much of a recipe, my son can rattle off […]

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garlic bread

Another in the continuing saga of a-bread-a-week: this week, king of doughy accompaniments, much undersold as sweaty baguettes, garlic bread. Polite Notice: please leave Peter Kay-related gags in 2003, many thanks. My typical BBQ standby is to slice up a french stick, dip it in parsley and garlicky-infused oil and stick it on the bars of a searing-hot grill until […]

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