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It’s so simple, yet can be so easy to get wrong or fuss with too much. The humble hamburger can be an incredible dish, reminding me of great BBQs, glossy fast food restaurants, and neon-lit New York eateries. This is one of those foods that proves that great food is rarely about the actual food itself, and more about the […]

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I’m in no way Jewish, but I’ve no problem in magpie-ing the best of other cultures’ celebratrory food. A passover classic then: brisket. I browned the enormous bit of meat in a pan first, then chucked in an onion, some celery, some garlic, some bay, red wine, Dijon mustard and beef stock. Lid on, I pretty much left it alone […]

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balti beef

A dreadfully-named dish this one; but it inverts a standard cooking cornerstone in a way that really baffled me. It came from a Weight Watchers book of all places, though it has dubious dietary heritage. Rather than the time-honoured tradition of: sweat onions in oil, then add meat, the method for this is to dry-fry mince until it starts to […]

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A handsome, rich and satisfying meal. I’ll admit that’s one of the worst photos of food in the world, sorry. Tastes good though, promise. I start by dusting strips of steak in flour and paprika, then frying quickly and leaving to one side. Then I fry an onion, garlic, thyme and sliced mushrooms until softened. Then a nice bit of […]

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