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chicken and ham pies

Not my finest photography ever. Thankfully it ate a lot better than it snapped. I fried some pancetta, and added Sunday’s frozen chicken. Then some peas in there. Sticking it in an individual pot and topping with frozen puff pastry was the hardest part. Sometimes I just get a craving for a pie, with a crispy brown top, that slightly […]

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yaki soba

Now here’s one of my absolute favourites. I’d played with stir fries for years, and only kind-of enjoyed the results. It never felt particularly special though, just muddy and bland. “Use the holy trinity” Ken Hom would intone. “Rice wine vinegar,” he’d bark. And that was that. Identikit meat + noodle + veg + jar of Amoy sauce stir-fry, and […]

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