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chicken stock

I love making chicken stock. It means there’s a really excellent meal coming in the next day or so, and whilst it bubbles away the whole house smells of divine chickeniness. Using our friend from earlier in the week, all the leftovers were tossed into a roasting tray with some assorted veg: celery, carrots, onions and any other oddity that […]

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chicken with spinach

Inspired by a true muse, I’ve heartily ripped this wholesale from Giorgio Locatelli. It really couldn’t be easier: a chicken breast is butterflied and sliced laterally before being battered thin to get the most surface area possible. This means that it can be cooked quickly and keep as much moisture in as possible. It’s placed on a griddle for about […]

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chicken week

No pics – hands were too yukky and covered in chickeny stuff! I’ve wanted to support local butchers and producers for along time, but there’s never been a convenient way for me to do this. I want to help them, but they won’t meet me halfway with their 9am – 4pm opening times, and Saturday isn’t easy for me. Ideally […]

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