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sag aloo

One of my favourite dishes from an Indian takeaway, among the mighty lamb balti, brilliant onion bhaji and cracking keema naan, is the humble sag aloo. Spinach and potato. What springs to mind are buttery, savoury bright yellow nuggets of firm potato streaked with iron-y spinach. Yum. But I’ve never managed to recreate it successfully at home. In a moment of weakness […]

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lamb saag balti

After the success of a recent curry, I had leftover onion base and balti paste. To ring the changes I had a lamb and spinach version, and it was delicious. I really recommend the Waitrose onion curry base, it’s a brilliant time-saver and packed with taste. Lamb saag balti: ½ jar of onion curry base 2 tablespoons Patak’s balti paste […]

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jap chae

Following my first brush with Korean BBQ, subsequent egging on from gourmet traveller, and inspiration from Judy Joo, I knew my second dish had to be Jap Chae. I took a good look at Judy Joo’s recipe, and dived into the challenge. Being a forthright so-and-so, I made a few adjustments. I understand they are at the heart of the […]

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