King of teatime desserts, the New York style cheesecake. I’m not a great sponge-baker so this kind of non-flour dessert works great for me.

One thing I really recommend is a springform cake tin – one with a clasp on the side. It makes getting it out dead easy.
Easy first stage – mix melted butter and broken biscuits (digestives for me) to make a base, and line the greased tin with with this mix. I leave this in the fridge to firm up while I make the batter – which is pretty straightforward. Just mix together caster sugar, cream cheese, lemon zest, two eggs, two more egg yolks, vanilla extract and double cream. Pour this on the biscuits and whack it in a 160C oven in a bain marie. About thirty minutes later it’ll be firm round the edge and wobbly in the middle, after cooling and a couple more hours setting in the fridge you’ll have yourself a firm, creamy, sweet, lemony dessert to die for.
Now someone make me a coffee to have with it…

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