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When the weather warms up, I get really into sparkling water. I also find that supermarkets seem to run out of it really quickly and I’m not sure why. Having the ability to make my own whenever I want would be great… and here’s where the Omnifizz Drinkmate comes in!

Let’s get something out of the way. The brand name associated with making your own fizzy drinks in UK households is SodaStream. That product that is marketed at carbonating hyper concentrates of juice that you have to buy. Drinkmate has patented technology allowing it to carbonate any cold beverage.

I received a cool blue device, plus a CO2 cartridge to get going. It’s a slim device but it is on the tall side – I have to angle it to fit under my cupboards but once it’s there, it’s there.

Once you’ve locked in the CO2 canister into the back, using is simple. Fill the bottle with water, add the cap and press a button to infuse with bubbles. Depressurize and you have sparkling water. Here’s a video of the process:

As simple as that.

Beyond water, the Omnifizz site also suggests loads of recipes to try. I tried the lime soda and the sparkling margarita and they were lots of fun. But most of the time I used it for adding fizz to any old squash I was drinking which makes it feel more refreshing. It was also fun to ask guests if they’d like their drink fizzy as easy as asking them if they want ice (I admit I didn’t ask if they wanted their cappuccinos carbonated). It’s also a good alternative to sugar-laden fizzy drinks as I can make whatever I want.

So the device is dead easy to use and available in a bunch of different colours. It’s quite pretty and fun to use. The pricing is equivalent to other drinks carbonators, though they do have a good scheme available for recycling CO2 canisters from any brand and then giving you a discount on future CO2 purchases.

I’ve used the device maybe 50 times and I think the CO2 is just starting to wane. A single CO2 canister with no sendback is about £35 so is pricey by itself. It makes a lot more sense to recycle your CO2 and then the price comes down. It’s still quite a lot to shell out when you want more fizzy drinks however. One more tiny negative is carbonating the drink is noisy by itself – not really a problem but I have to make sure my cat isn’t in the room as the sudden whoosh spooks him!

A well made, fun product and worth investment if you go through a lot of fizzy drinks.

Buy a Drinkmate on Amazon https://amzn.to/3SdhIPR

The team sent me one to try. I wasn’t told what to say not did I accept payment.

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