gold nuggets: october 2012 round up

My October was spent trying to crank out 15 Minute Meals, but not everyone else was in a rush. Scouring the depths of my bottomless RSS reader, here’s a selection of my favourite foodie posts from October.

All images are taken from the respective blogs, and copyright is theirs.

Just look at this strawberry mille feuille. Absolutely perfect! But I would expect no less from husband and wife team Butcher, Baker.

Paul’s done a sneaky here: when I originally bookmarked it the post was called “beefy mcnugget balls”, which has since been renamed the muce more foodie-friendly “beef shin kroketten“. The URL gives it away! They look delicious whatever they’re called.

Becs of Lay The Table has had a very much up and down month. Cheer her up by going reading about her farm-sitting adventures, where she baked this beautiful cake.

I’ve always got room to feature a fellow Essex food blogger. Food Urchin Danny has a unique take on life, yet his alottment woes this season sounded very much like my own dreadful crop this year. I don’t have the geriatric in my garden though.

I love potato curries and have got a bit of a coconut milk thing going on at the moment. So this Keralan potato curry recipe from How2beaGourmand really arrived at the right time. Great stuff!

MiMi did it again, and wrote one of those posts that made me think. I’m reasonably unfamiliar with the finer points of Asian cuisine, and know nothing about Burmese food beyond what MiMi has written about. So if EAT tell me “this is Burmese curry”, I will probably nod and agree with them. Read her post for more.

And to round off this month’s round-up, if you write about a Heston recipe that’s a surefire way to get featured by me. This lemon tart baked by MyCookingHut reminds me I need to try this one myself.

Gary Fennon


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