pan-fried salmon with spring greens

pan-fried salmon with spring greens and bacon In a rare moment of dining alone, I took the opportunity to have some fish. Salmon leapt into my hands (not literally) and I tore home to prepare. A sprinkle of salt, pepper, cumin and coriander both sides and then the fish goes into a hot pan skin-side down. Just as it starts to brown I flip the fish over and add bacon and greens to the pan. Once that pink colour has gone from … Continue Reading ››

chicken primavera

chicken primavera I follow the ever-efficient @ShortOrderMom on Twitter, and her frugal yet interesting recipes always catch my eye. This one is the primavera style sauce, not really heard of in the UK. It's something that caught on in the States in 70s, then became kitsch and fell away out of fashion. I've heard restaraunts updating the dish of late. Here's her penny-saving version: get pasta on the boil while you fry some chicken breast. When that's browned add frozen mixed veg (not something I'ver … Continue Reading ››

asparagus with crispy capers

asparagus with crispy capers, chicken and lemon I took the rare opportunity to do an entire meal on the BBQ, thanks to a timely blast of good weather. Chicken breasts are pounded flat and seasoned, then put straight on to the hot grill. Oiled asparagus joins it on the bars. Meanwhile on the hotplate side some capers are pushed around until they develop a crust, then put to one side for garnish. For a neat twist, I also griddled some lemons … Continue Reading ››


pesto in my beloved pestle and mortar Pesto epitomises my favourite foods: it simultaneously celebrates the individual ingredients and yet comes together to create an exciting new taste. If that wasn't good enough, the sauce is ready before the pasta's boiled. I don't know who first had the idea for this, but they are worth applauding. It's not much of a recipe, my son can rattle off the ingredients: garlic, basil, parmesan, pine nuts, all bashed up together and then your best … Continue Reading ››