11 minute chilli

11 minute chilli con carne I'm a big fan of chilli, I've probably cooked it more than anything else. I particularly like ones that sit there and blip away under their own steam for hours. I was looking forward to cooking a chilli tonight. But I'd had a rotten evening. Little Miss Spud was rotten sick and was in no mood for going to bed. There were many changes of clothes (for me and her), things to wash, bottles to fetch... Eventually she dozed off, … Continue Reading ››

walnut & banana loaf

walnut and banana loaf with chocolate orange butter I've never been a fan of banana. At all. But this year my daughter has developed a voracious appetite for them, which is great that she's eating foods that I don't, but on the other side means you occasionally get a few bananas knocking about at the end of their ripey life. So Mrs Spud made some banana muffins and thy were great. So much so, I'm almost a complete convert to bananas in … Continue Reading ››

worcestershire sauce brisket

worcestershire sauce brisket I'm crazy about brisket recipes. Just leaving that juicy, flavour-packed meat to simmer away until it pulls apart into those flakes is just irresistible. I just had to give this recipe a go when I saw it in Jamie's Great Britain. ...And what a disappointment. The texture was beautiful, really tender, but the flavour was frankly medicinal. Definitely a case of too much of a good thing. Jamie serves his in a sandwich with pickled … Continue Reading ››

kate & wills jamie oliver beef pie

kate and wills beef pie Y'know when Jamie's on his thing? Going for it like a nutter and saying this recipe is the best thing ever? Well I got caught up in his craziness and decided to make this, the kitchen sink of beef pies. I made a tiny change in substituting stout for red wine (can't abide beer / lager etc in pies - beer batter on fish is just vile) but other than that it's the same. This recipe from Jamie's … Continue Reading ››