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yaki soba

Now here’s one of my absolute favourites. I’d played with stir fries for years, and only kind-of enjoyed the results. It never felt particularly special though, just muddy and bland. “Use the holy trinity” Ken Hom would intone. “Rice wine vinegar,” he’d bark. And that was that. Identikit meat + noodle + veg + jar of Amoy sauce stir-fry, and […]

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King of teatime desserts, the New York style cheesecake. I’m not a great sponge-baker so this kind of non-flour dessert works great for me. One thing I really recommend is a springform cake tin – one with a clasp on the side. It makes getting it out dead easy. Easy first stage – mix melted butter and broken biscuits (digestives […]

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Is there anything more honest, rewarding and fulfilling as baking your own bread? It almost seems like alchemy – magic even – to go through the whole process. And it’s so sad that we don’t either subscribe to the French model (new bread every day) or that making your own seems like such an unusual prospect. It’s so not difficult, […]

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