delia’s christmas cake

delia's christmas cake in a boxI can’t possibly put a picture up of the icing abomination I made. I’m just not good at it.

Waitrose very kindly sent me Delia’s Christmas Cake in a box. I gleefully unwrapped it, opened the box and took out the contents.

Erm, is that it? Some fruit, some flour, some sugar, some nuts, some spice… and that’s about it. £10 for a box of store-cupboard ingredients where you have to provide your own icing / marzipan etc… So I dutifully made it (goodness that batter’s dense) and served it up on Christmas day. It was fine but no more special than any other rich fruit cake you care to make at this time of year.

I’m really glad they sent it to me as at full price it’s a swizz. At the moment they’re clearing out Christmas stocks at £2.50 while stocks last, which seems a bit fairer to me.


  • I had one too though I’ve not made it yet. I might use it for simnel cake at Easter. £10 is a lot though I think we can be sure all the supermarkets are pushing similar products that are all on offer in December so the likelihood of paying full price is remote! Quite handy if you don’t normally bake and don’t want to store half used packets of flour and sugar etc.

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