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roast turkey with all the trimmings

roast turkeySometimes, blog posts I write are to spread the news of some great recipe I found. Other times it's about crazy experiments. But the aim has always been to be a log of what I cooked, and that's what this Christmas Day feast is about: to remind myself what worked and what to fix for next time. Perhaps surprisingly I'd never cooked a whole turkey before: on previous years when hosting someone else provided the turkey on another occasion I went for chicken. So … Continue Reading ››

indian pot roast chicken

indian pot roast chicken This meal represent a confluence of good fortune: I receive a job-lot of Total Greek Yoghurt one minute and a copy of Leon Naturally Fast Food the next. I've never been so instantly bowled over by a cookbook, it's extremely wedded to the way I cook and makes perfect sense. It's beautifully presented in a scrapbook style, and packed with a very real voice. It's utterly … Continue Reading ››