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salad from capri

The sun shone in my corner of Rayleigh this weekend, and with family coming over for dinner a roast or stew didn’t seem right for the occasion. I was browsing the ol’ recipe book shelf and a skinny little booklet fell out: Jamie Oliver’s Red Nose Day Recipes 2009. I was bought it as a gift, which is great, but […]

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carmela soprano’s basil lasagne

“Can’t Carmela make her lasagne with the layer of basil leaves in?” -Corrado “Uncle Junior” Soprano I came to The Sopranosfar too late. Early 2008 More4 ran every episode back-to-back and I devoured them all. I was utterly gripped by the boyish yet chilling Tony, the larger-than-life Paulie, sly yet affable Uncle June, the big mouth¬†braggadocio¬†Christopher, and the delicate balance […]

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