lemon and fennel pork with roast potatoes

Shock. Horror. Another roast potato recipe.

But this time, it’s not about the technique, it’s about the variety. In this case, the Larner.

Great British Chefs hosted an event to show off this new variety of potato. The Larner variety is a pheruja cross potato developed by Greenvale AP. It is a rich, buttery potato with golden flesh and a sweet, nutty flavour. It’s only available in Co-op from 10th December as part of it’s Irresistible Roasting Potato range.

Showing off it’s roasting qualities was brilliant chef Emily Watkins. Her no-nonsense approach showed off the potato at it’s best: a fluffy interior with golden crunch. She prepared it in multiple ways: with garlic and bay, in goose fat, or roasted from raw. But most temptingly of all, par-boiled potatoes tipped into the simmering fat of a pork joint that’d been roasting for a few hours. When done they were burnished gold and dripping in the tangy flavours of fennel and lemon that had been rubbed into the pork rind.


It’s a really simple roast. I tried it myself at home, and it couldn’t be easier: score the pork rind, and massage in a rub of salt, lemon and fennel seeds pounded together… then roast. Tip in the potatoes towards the end and that’s it.

roast pork with lemon and fennel and roast potatoes

You can see the recipe on the Great British Chefs website here.

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