far breton

far breton I've been absorbed by the always-absurd Masterchef: The Professionals. Current professional chefs take part in elimination challenges under the bellow of Gregg Wallace and the bird-like gaze of Michel Roux Jr. It really only needs the super-intelligent yet engaging Michel, Gregg only serves to bark out a repeat of what the other guy just said. One of the challenges for the wannabe Micheliners is to reproduce a 'classic' recipe under a time limit to test their skills. This week Michel announced … Continue Reading ››

chicken tray bake

chicken tray bake This is yet another delve into Jamie Oliver's latest book, Jamie's America. I'd bought a whole chicken at the weekend to wanted to portion it up for use throughout the week. Here the wings and one breast went into a soupy, veggie oven-baked dish, browning off while leaking their savoury juices into the broth. I made a few of my own tweaks, leaving out sweet potatoes (not a favourite of mine since the rancid … Continue Reading ››

chicken risotto with bacon breadcrumbs

chicken risotto with bacon breadcruumbs and roasted green beans

Yet another risotto, I can't get enough of them. Following a lovely roast chicken, I'm left with a gorgeous carcass with which to make glorious stock; and chunky chicken bursting with potential. I made a typical risotto bianco and towards the end added shredded chicken. Whilst I love a creamy, unctuous risotto it can be a touch bland so thinking about the garnishes of a Japanese Yaki Soba I … Continue Reading ››

bubble and squeak

bubble and squeak The great British Sunday brunch-before-anybody-knew-it-was-called brunch: Bubble 'n' Squeak. After a¬†successful¬†roast with plenty of leftovers, is there any better way to put all those still-tasty morsels to good use? Crunchy and tasty, these are perfect little pick-me-ups. Served with a drizzle of leftover gravy too and some strong coffee, and breakfast gets little better than this. There's no point listing a recipe for this, as it's whatever there is to hand! There has to be potatoes, so mash these up with other … Continue Reading ››

champagne and strawberry jelly

champagne and strawberry jelly I wanted to treat some guests to something a bit fancy and a bit special, yet could be made well in advance. I hit on a "strawberries and champagne" theme and sidetracked over to jelly. So I had strawberry jelly made with champagne with strawberries suspended in it. I'd intended to make a champagne foam to top it off too, but I just couldn't be arsed! I recommend making half the mixture, setting the first lot with fruit in, then … Continue Reading ››