spiced chorizo and chickpea stew

spiced chorizo and chickpea stew I've made variations on this before, but the one killer ingredient I've added here that I wanted to shine a spotlight on is nigella seeds. I saw a Tweet from the excellent @pearcafe, and thought the addition of nigella seeds to their soup of the day was inspired. So I threw some into this stew and it was ace. Thanks 'E'! I've never been to Bristol but if I do Continue Reading ››

cheesecake rescue pots

new york cheesecake saved from disaster I've made New York-style cheesecake a bunch of times; I love the dense creaminess and sheer indulgence of it all. A friend of mine said she has inexplicably never eaten it before so I invited her over to have some. I should've spotted disaster was on the horizon: I couldn't find my usual faithful recipe so guesstimated the ingredients in my head and then looked for another recipe which was probably a mistake. I dug up … Continue Reading ››

chocolate banana bread

chocolate banana bread Isn't it great when things just work out? I had some bananas blackening on my windowsill, and the next day some nice person emails me a bunch of Cadbury's Fairtrade recipes, including this one for chocolate banana bread. Serendipity. I don't even particularly like bananas, but I seem to be cooking a lot with them lately. This was lovely - exactly what you'd epxect - but not quite chocolatey enough for me, so I slathered it in chocolate spread (Fairtrade of course). … Continue Reading ››

heston blumenthal’s exploding chocolate gateau

heston blumenthal's exploding chocolate and passion fruit popping candy cake AKA Heston's chocolate and passion fruit popping candy cake. At New year I treated myself to Heston's popping candy cake, which costs an absolute fortune, even on half price sale, but the results were amazing: bitter, sweet, chocolatey and of course popping! I was contemplating recreating it when it pops up on How To Cook … Continue Reading ››