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I’m in no way Jewish, but I’ve no problem in magpie-ing the best of other cultures’ celebratrory food. A passover classic then: brisket. I browned the enormous bit of meat in a pan first, then chucked in an onion, some celery, some garlic, some bay, red wine, Dijon mustard and beef stock. Lid on, I pretty much left it alone […]

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balti beef

A dreadfully-named dish this one; but it inverts a standard cooking cornerstone in a way that really baffled me. It came from a Weight Watchers book of all places, though it has dubious dietary heritage. Rather than the time-honoured tradition of: sweat onions in oil, then add meat, the method for this is to dry-fry mince until it starts to […]

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A handsome, rich and satisfying meal. I’ll admit that’s one of the worst photos of food in the world, sorry. Tastes good though, promise. I start by dusting strips of steak in flour and paprika, then frying quickly and leaving to one side. Then I fry an onion, garlic, thyme and sliced mushrooms until softened. Then a nice bit of […]

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autumnal stirfry

Seasonal is the name of the game here; everything’s bursting with readiness. Using my stirfry principles as per Yaki Soba, I add strips of beef, then put to one side. Then I fry carrots and red cabbage until tender, then add beansprouts. Now come fruits: blackberries and a sliced plum. Then the beef goes back in and it’s all pulled […]

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