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jap chae

Following my first brush with Korean BBQ, subsequent egging on from gourmet traveller, and inspiration from Judy Joo, I knew my second dish had to be Jap Chae. I took a good look at Judy Joo’s recipe, and dived into the challenge. Being a forthright so-and-so, I made a few adjustments. I understand they are at the heart of the […]

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After revealing to me that her favourite meal in Atlanta was Korean BBQ, I sheepishly admitted to¬†@SlowFoodKitchen that I’d never tried the cuisine. So I asked around for ideas to knock up tonight. I settled on this recipe from renowned chef Judy Joo. Thanks also go to @gourmetraveller for the tips. I didn’t quite have everything to hand for the […]

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heston’s tagliata steak and salad

I’ve already devoted about a thousand words’ worth of wittering to how I like my steak. I have a well-practised and enjoyed technique which serves me very well. I’m not likely to modify it much for anything. And then Heston sodding Blumenthal goes and does it differently, doesn’t he? You know, that guy of whom I think the sun shines […]

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