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sweet and sour pork

sweet and sour pork

sweet and sour pork video on youtube I've been trying video recipes again. Sadly not at the luxurious Food@52 kitchens but in my own. Freedom Food are asking for people to come up with a video recipe featuring Freedom Food ingredients and Fairtrade produce, so I've gone with pork and pineapple to recreate that Chinese takeaway classic, sweet and sour pork. It takes around ten minutes to cook and is really versatile - you can swap out the pork for chicken or … Continue Reading ››

parmesan chicken with potato and sprout gratin

crispy parmesan chicken with sprout gratin Yes! It's sprout season again. Please don't just boil them and leave them alone, there's so much more to the little farty ball. Like here, a Brussels Sprout gratin baked with potatoes and cream for a great side dish. I was chuffed with how everything turned out save for one flaw. To quote Michel Roux Jr "where's the sauce?!" It needed a meaty gravy just to lend a little more moisture. But beyond that, it was dead good. A sprout is for Winter, … Continue Reading ››

simply sausage ragu

simply sausage pasta ragu Here's a dish perfect for this time of year, but still doesn't feel like stodge-o-rama thanks to the amount of veg involved. The star ingredient is the sausage, a meaty banger from Simply Sausages. I used their No.1 Recipe Smithfield Original, a relatively unadorned sausage which gives the pork plenty of space for flavour. Mrs. Spud and I thought it was quite simply the best sausage we've ever eaten. The … Continue Reading ››

chorizo and red onion penne bake

chorizo and red onion penne bake Practically every element of this could be substituted: the definition of a store-cupboard clearout dinner! Change the chorizo for another cooked meat, throw in another cheese and it's off in another direction altogether. A blue cheese and salami version could be pretty good too...

Chorizo and red onion penne bake (serves 2):

250g chorizo, cut into chunks

250g penne

1 tablespoon wholegrain mustard

200ml creme fraiche

150g Port Salut, diced

3 roasted red onions*

  1. Preheat the … Continue Reading ››

roast pork belly and broccoli pomegranate stir fry

roast pork broccoli pomegranate stir fry This is a hefty Sunday lunch in disguise. There's quite a lot going on here so you have to plan ahead but by golly it's worth it. There's quite a few pans to have on the go too. The pomegranate juice makes it - sticky and sweet. That with juicy belly pork, crunchy veg and tasty noodles, this is a really interesting plateful with every mouthful slightly different. Continue Reading ››