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spaghetti with prosciutto and artichoke

Pleased as punch note: this recipe has been given the Jamie Oliver seal of approval 🙂 A lightning fast pasta dinner. All those wonderful tasty ingredients coming together in a dish that allows you to taste each element yet come together as a varied and interesting whole. Fresh peas, salty prosciutto, meaty artichoke… lovely. Spaghetti with prosciutto and artichoke: 250g […]

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Yes, again. A very simple and rustic one this. I also went against my usual and used the ready-sliced chorizo, which I quickly fried either side to crisp and start to render down. Then in with butter and a red onion with some diced red pepper, and after softening the rice goes in for a minute to toast. Then some […]

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chorizo hot pot

One of those “Feed Your Family For A Fiver” things from Sainsbury’s. I can’t help but embellish though. Two onions (two onions? Insanity!) and my old friend, sliced chorizo are fried together til crispy. Then tinned tomatoes, veg stock and some conchiglie are added. This is where I chuck in oregano and paprika, cos it just sounds too bland. Twenty […]

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