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beef in oyster sauce

When Ken Hom is on Saturday Kitchen, he usually pulls a blinder out of the bag, such as crispy chicken noodles. And this recipe was no exception. Tender beef, sticky savoury sauce and to quote the Homster “disgustingly healthy”. I’m not sure how healthy it is, but it tastes pretty darn good to me. Based on Ken Hom’s original recipeĀ and […]

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meatball sandwich

I am a sucker for a sandwich – not paper-thin ham or simpering coleslaw but gutsy, no-punches-pulled sandwiches that America in particular seems to get right. This Jamie Oliver sarnie is styled that way and is darn close to being great. Plump meatballs and creamy cheese, lovely fresh cabbage and salty bacon… but there’s something missing. I reckon a sharp, […]

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