leftover easter egg recipe

leftover easter egg recipes

leftover easter egg recipes pancake If you have little ones round the house you're probably swimming in more chocolate than you know what to do with right now. Here's a few leftover Easter egg recipes to help give you some inspiration to help clear out those last few chocolate treats. Thanks to Sainsbury's for providing an Easter basket of treats as an inspiration for this post. I'll be giving away their cake baking recipe book so check back soon! Ironically, this is a recipe for eggless pancakes. I like to add Horlicks … Continue Reading ››
ade edmondson's chicken in cider casserole

chicken in cider casserole

I seem to have a thing for baldy guys with glasses. heston blumenthal No, not that one this time. I'm talking about Adrian Edmondson. adrian edmondson I was a fan of the Young Ones growing up. Though I suspect I was too young I would sneak a look at my brother's VHS tapes. Hole In My Shoe was the first song I bought. I kinda liked Filthy Rich and Catflap but I didn't understand why Vyvyan and Rik were so different. Then Bottom arrived and I was … Continue Reading ››
enjoying spaghetti bolognese

spaghetti elvedenese

spaghetti bolognese elveden forest style Some of the best meals come when your hands are tied; everyone's hungry and you just have to work with what you've got. I had this recently whilst on holiday at Center Parcs Elveden Forest. Worn out from trekking, swimming and climbing, the troops needed fuel! We've been to this village several times over the years and never failed to have an amazing time. We have kids separated in age by 9 years. This presents it's own challenges which is well … Continue Reading ››

march round-up

There was a whole lot of stuff going on this month behind the scenes at BigSpud: a redesign, a couple of big projects which will bubble up soon, plus other goodies, recipes and events, so here's a quick round up of some of the most interesting nuggets... Sous-vide It's been sous-vide crackers all month. With entering the Gourmet Blogger Cook-Off I've been scratching my chin coming up with all sorts of recipes. I came up with gammon with honey, Continue Reading ››
sous vide ox cheek kebab with houmous and pitta

sous vide ox cheek kebabs with houmous and red pepper salsa

donald russell ox cheek ready for sous vide Ox cheek can be an acquired taste. A great big slab of meat that can be quite irony and offally. Someone that doesn't need convincing is our Kavey, who can wax on the subject for hundreds of words. If you haven't joined the army of converts, maybe this sous vide ox cheek recipe will change your mind. As the English weather warms up we turn our attention to grilled and barbecued food. A strong, charred piece of meat, … Continue Reading ››

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