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  • mushroom risotto mushroom risotto

    If you hate mushrooms, look away now! Carluccio’s are celebrating a festival of funghi with an Autumnal focus on mushrooms. There’s lots of products in […]

  • recent review round-up

    There’s been a whole bunch of things to try on my kitchen table lately. Here’s a round-up of what’s new! Coffee Gator Welsh brand Coffee […]

  • the great british steak off

    What do you look for when buying steak? Do you look for ruby red meat? Marbled fat? Lean portions? Do you only look for certain […]

  • sage and onion roast potatoes sage and onion roast potatoes

    Sage and onion. What does that conjure up when you read those words? To me, it means a savoury feast is heading my way. It’s […]

  • pork belly roast pork belly with asian slaw and pickled lemon rice

    My daughter’s been learning to ‘magpie’ her writing at school. It’s a cute way to summarise: if you read something that you like, a turn […]

  • recent review round-up

    I’ve been trying some new products out lately. See what I thought! MOR Sausages These new sausages are gluten-free and have much less fat than […]

  • red sauce v brown sauce: we decide a winner

    …Among others. It’s a classic battle for the ages. Kennedy v Nixon. Ali v Frazier. Chips or mash. But red sauce v brown sauce is […]

  • white chocolate mousse, pistachio tuile and raspberry sorbet

    Here’s a fancy dessert for a posh occasion. But first, a quick aside as to why I made it. You’ve heard of writer’s block I […]