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  • recent review round-up

    I’ve been trying some new products out lately. See what I thought! MOR Sausages These new sausages are gluten-free and have much less fat than […]

  • red sauce v brown sauce: we decide a winner

    …Among others. It’s a classic battle for the ages. Kennedy v Nixon. Ali v Frazier. Chips or mash. But red sauce v brown sauce is […]

  • white chocolate mousse, pistachio tuile and raspberry sorbet

    Here’s a fancy dessert for a posh occasion. But first, a quick aside as to why I made it. You’ve heard of writer’s block I […]

  • hei hei salt GBK style on sticky wedges

    Here’s a recipe for hei hei salt GBK style. I found myself in GBK at the weekend. It was supposed to be family lunch at […]

  • brisket beef sous vide

    It’s not very fashionable in posh restaurants, but BBQ and American restaurants know it: brisket beef is a brilliant and tasty cut. And for perfect […]

  • terry’s chocolate orange millionaires shortbread

    It’s Father’s Day soon. And like other Dads I’m happy to get t-shirts, mugs, home-made cards and so on. But I’m also very happy when […]

  • green pesto penne

    If you don’t follow Gennaro Contaldo on Instagram, you’re missing out. He posts great food all the time. When he posted a picture of a […]

  • steak sandwich steak sandwich

    It’s British Sandwich Week! If you needed an excuse to celebrate, rather than have a limp ham sarnie push the boat out and have a […]

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