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  • cookbooks-2016-featured my favourite cookbooks of 2016

    I love a new cookbook. That bit where I settle down in the evening with a batch of post-it notes, leaving little reminders poking out of […]

  • november-2016-featured what’s cooking?

    Time for a quick pre-Christmas round-up of all the things I’ve been up to lately, products I’ve been lucky enough to try and things I’ve […]

  • Fjord Trout pan-roasted Fjord Trout with lentils, crispy bacon and chervil

    Something a little different here today: I’m lucky enough to get invites to all sorts of great events. But now, stuff is getting passed down […]

  • bread and dripping rolls bread and dripping rolls

    There’s food that makes the generation above me turn misty-eyed: liver and onions, jam roly-poly, pickled eggs… Bread and dripping is another. That is, a […]

  • pizza express southend review restaurant review: pizza express, southend-on-sea

    Pizza Express Southend has had a makeover. See what’s new in my review. When I was a lad going to Southend was a treat. A short […]

  • sweet-pot-featured-1 baked sweet potato with slow cooker bbq beef

    Sometimes all you want is stodge. Stodge with sticky sweet tender meat. Slow cooker BBQ beef is a great crowd-pleaser, and you barely need to […]

  • whats-new-oct-2016 what’s new in the kitchen?

    Here’s a quick round-up of things I’ve been up to in and out of the kitchen lately… Gennaro Contaldo and Bertolli With Butter Just a […]

  • lunch ideas with lekue lunch with lékué

    Sandwiches for lunch every day drives me mad. Coming up with interesting things to eat for a work day lunch can be taxing, especially if […]