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  • vegetarian wellington

    This recipe for vegetarian wellington is a great meatfree alternative and is easily made vegan too. Made with lentils, mushroom and spinach you won’t miss the meat!

  • lemon and fennel pork with roast potatoes

    Shock. Horror. Another roast potato recipe. But this time, it’s not about the technique, it’s about the variety. In this case, the Larner. Great British […]

  • black pudding sausage rolls

    I’m a huge fan of black pudding. I rarely have it but when I do I revel in the spiced, oaty meaty flavour. Lightly crisp […]

  • miso steak with vegetable rice

    Looking for something different to do with your steak? Try a miso steak with vegetable rice, a lighter way to enjoy the meatiness of steak, […]

  • barbecue beef feijoada with spicy sweetcorn

    As World Cup fever threatens to take over the globe, people like me think about one thing: what food can I use to celebrate and […]

  • whole roast chicken katsu curry

    One of my favourite comfort foods is a chicken katsu curry. Crispy panko breadcrumbs, tender meat, mildly spiced curry sauce… it’s so enjoyable. You know […]

  • steak and pickled onion pie steak and pickled onion pie

    Winter time means pie time. That usually means something packed with meat, a lovely gravy and crisp pastry. I’m certainly not going to get involved […]

  • my favourite cookbooks of 2017

    What are my favourite cookbooks of 2017?