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  • black forest doughnuts

    Dark chocolate and cherry might be my favourite combination. That dark bitterness and the punch of sweet-sour cherry is just magic. So why not stick […]

  • caffe latte ice cream featured caffe latte ice cream

    I really like coffee. Like, a lot. So an excuse to try a brand marketed as “the world’s strongest coffee” must be worth a go! […]

  • plain flour vs strong bread flour in pizza bases

    This post doesn’t have a glamourous title, but it’s a question that’s been bugging me for a while. Why do so many recipes for pizza […]

  • pork chops with apple and burnt onion

    Succulent pork chops in a rich creamy sauce, with smoky charred onions and sharp apples. A one-pan wonder!

  • my favourite cookbooks of 2019

    What are my favourite cookbooks of 2019?

  • porchetta salad with parmesan cream and spinach

    Inspired by a fantastic starter I had at Union Street Cafe, this dish is a great light meal. The porchetta itself makes a fantastic roast […]

  • scallops bacon sabayon scallops with bacon sabayon

    Here’s a neat little starter for when you want to have something rich and indulgent. Some lovely sweet scallops on a savoury bacon sabayon. Just […]

  • restaurant review: Petrus

    Spoilers: it was great. Gordon Ramsay the character is not a very appealing person but that’s a shame as it can mask what a bloody […]