skinny one meals

The Skinny One Range I struggle with lunchtimes generally. I can't eat sandwiches into infinity, the mundanity and repetition blows my mind. So when I'm offered something a little different to try to pep things up I nearly bite their hand off. I was sent a selection of "Skinny One" ready meals. Let me get this out of the way: I don't like the phrase ready meal, it implies a slop of sauce with a meagre piece of unnamed meat. This does not describe these little … Continue Reading ››

empire fish and chips

empire fish and chips Just the other week I was bowled over by Jamie's empire chicken. I was also taken by his prediction that if you ask the British public what their favourite meals are, they'll say "roast chicken" and "a curry", hence his Imperial mash-up. But my mind wandered to that other pinnacle of British food, the fish and chips. What would this look like as a crossover? As it turns out, hilarious fun. … Continue Reading ››