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simply sausage ragu

simply sausage pasta ragu Here's a dish perfect for this time of year, but still doesn't feel like stodge-o-rama thanks to the amount of veg involved. The star ingredient is the sausage, a meaty banger from Simply Sausages. I used their No.1 Recipe Smithfield Original, a relatively unadorned sausage which gives the pork plenty of space for flavour. Mrs. Spud and I thought it was quite simply the best sausage we've ever eaten. The … Continue Reading ››

sausage and broccoli penne

penne with sausage and broccoli This is one that swilled around my head for a while until coming together. It's a hybrid of ideas from a recent appearance of Theo Randall on Saturday Kitchen and a Jamie Oliver 30 minute meal. The most satisfying part of this is using the part of the broccoli you usually throw away, the stalk. Whizzed up and fried it's as tasty as it's flowery florets. Mixed with sausage and cream it's almost rich. Whouda thunk it, broccoli … Continue Reading ››

catherine wheel sausage with leek gravy

catherine wheel sausage with leek gravy mustard mash This is largely based on a recipe fromĀ Jamie's 30-Minute Meals (yes, I still haven't cooked them all) but without the crazy Ryvita-apple salad (?). I'll be honest: the only reason I made it was to have a squirly-whirly sausage which somehow makes me grin more than regular daisy-chained sausages. But the leek gravy is the surprise star, all sweet and silky. I've added … Continue Reading ››

rospo nel buco

rospo nel buco It's probably the worst translation in the world, but Google tells me the title of that dish is the Italian for Toad in the Hole. Which is kinda what this is. I was cleaning out the cupboards / freezer and had enough for stodgy, creamy polenta with pockets of herby sausage. This is really good fun served with a punchy tomato sauce.

Rospo nel buco (serves 4):

8 quality sausages - Lincolnshire would be good here

1 teaspoon fennel seeds

80g … Continue Reading ››

kinda sausage cassoulet

kinda sausage cassoulet Sausage in a stew? I'm there. Whether it's a pot au feu, a Sunday gravy, or a cumberland casserole, I love the instant seasoning hit you get from having a sausage do the leg work in a dinner. This particular one is Jamie Oliver's, from Jamie's 30 Minute Meals. It's dense and tasty, and packed with flavours. Beans, breadcrumbs and bacon? What's not to love? He served it with broccoli, in a tomato sauce. Which … Continue Reading ››