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plain flour vs strong bread flour in pizza bases

This post doesn’t have a glamourous title, but it’s a question that’s been bugging me for a while. Why do so many recipes for pizza dough say “use plain flour or strong bread flour”? They are very different flours for very different uses. So how do they both turn out? Before we start, what’s the difference between plain flour and […]

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chorizo pan pizza

pan pizza

You can never have enough pizza recipes. Generally speaking I like a thin crust pizza, but this chorizo pan pizza is deep and chewy, and really satisfying. But best of all it’s no effort at all. No kneading required! No, not a bit! Just bring the ingredients together, cover and leave. The trade-off is you need to give it time to […]

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what’s new in the kitchen?

Here’s a quick round-up of things I’ve been up to in and out of the kitchen lately… Gennaro Contaldo and Bertolli With Butter Just a few days after chatting with Antonio Carluccio, this hungry Essex boy met up with the other greedy Italian Gennaro Contaldo. At a stall in Spitalfields he was cooking using Bertolli With Butter. He was using this […]

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