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vegetable tagine

A quick and easy dinner based on something seen in Olive magazine: red onion, diced courgette and carrots fried in oil flavoured with cumin and paprika. Once they’ve softened a little, a tin of tomatoes and a little veg stock is added then left to simmer until all the veg is tender. I’ve topped it here with some sliced flour […]

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insalata caprese

My wife and I adore this salad. I’m not sure when we first had it but I strongly recall dining on this one sun-drenched afternoon on the shores of Lake Como. I suspect every time thereafter I’m trying to recapture that little bit of sunshine. As with many of my favourites, it celebrates and unites it’s ingredients, sumultaneously making the […]

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confit byaldi

My presentation’s not quite there, but if you squint you might recognise this as the critic-pleasing dish from the Pixar film Ratatouille. That’s technically what this recipe is, but this is it as reinvented by the chef-genius Thomas Keller, who christened it confit byaldi. Spoilers ahoy, but in a scene that should make Heston applaud, as the grouchy critic chomps […]

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